The Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager – A vibrating roller that delivers a vigorous deep-tissue massage while enhancing muscle mobility

The Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager [SOURCE] is perfect for relieving pain to almost anywhere from your legs, back, ankle and heels or even at your hip simply by rolling it along the aching area to enjoy energetic deep tissue massage to enhance again your muscle’s mobility.

The Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager

The Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager

This vibrating foam roller massager is very easy to use, just turn on the roller massager’s vibration feature, place the roller to the sore area and roll along and you’re on your way to warming up your body before doing some exercise, loosening tight muscles and even use it to quickly recover after your hard workout.

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The Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager 1

This foam roller massager is made from a sturdy polypropylene perfectly design to allow unique vibrations to the owner, thanks to the massager’s powerful and effective vibrating motor capable of delivering up to 3 different levels of vibration such as 28hz for enhancing circulation and warming up the body, 32hz for loosening tight muscles and 38hz for relieving muscle pain.

This foam massager has an air-injected frame perfect for loosening knotted muscles and best of all, its rechargeable li-ion batteries can provide of up to 2 straight hours of even at the unit’s highest settings.

Watch the vibration roller in action [HERE].

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