The Cordless Automatic Curling Iron – cordless hair styler that automatically curls hair at the push of a button

The Cordless Automatic Curling Iron is a uniquely designed hair styler cable of curling hair automatically simply by pushing a button.

Thanks to the hair styler’s ceramic-coated curling chamber that perfectly twirls hair and at the same time heating your locks in all directions in order to provide bouncy yet smooth curl every time, it even comes with different temperature settings and timers so owners can customize the curls including those tight curls and even those relaxed waves easily.

Cordless Automatic Curling Iron

The Cordless Automatic Curling Iron

How to use the curling iron? Well, simply start with a clean, dry and tangle-free hair, place up to 1 inch strand into the chamber, press and hold the start button so curler will start drawing hair into its chamber, once you hear 2 consecutive beeps, pull away the curler and you’re good to go.

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Cordless Automatic Curling Iron 1

The Cordless Automatic Curling Iron already includes a tangle-free protection feature capable of automatically stopping and releasing hair, it even comes with a 15min auto-shutoff function for extra security and peace of mind and best of all, it can provide for up to 60min of operation power when fully charged using its included charger.

You can buy the automatic curling iron for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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