The Holistic Destresser – a relaxation candle that helps lower heart rate, calm mind and lessen stress

The Holistic Destresser —[VIDEO]—is a uniquely designed candle capable of helping the owner to calm their mind, lessen stress and even lower the heart rate, thanks to its flameless design, relaxing your mind to get rid of your stress is now possible at home.

This flameless relaxation candle uses light and sounds to help guide the user through different inhaling and holding your breath methods, a technique believed to get rid of stress and anxiety and to help you fall asleep fast.

The Holistic Destresser

The Holistic Destresser

This destresser device even includes different audio tracks and different light therapy programs complete with effect to help you get the best relaxation possible at home.

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The Holistic Destresser 1

The Holistic Destresser also features a sleep timer and light dimmer and can be plugged using its included AC adapter and best of all, it only weighs 12oz with measurement of only 5×3.5 inches in height and diameter.

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