The Relaxation Aromatherapy Orb – the aromatherapy diffuser that plays soothing music while emitting a fragrant mist

The Relaxation Aromatherapy Orb [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed aromatherapy diffuser capable of emitting fragrant mist while at the same time playing some soothing music to help relax someone after a very tiring day.

The orb works simply by filling its water tank with water and a few drops of essential oil partnered with multicolored glow to create a calming and relaxing session every time.

The Relaxation Aromatherapy Orb

The Relaxation Aromatherapy Orb

This Aromatherapy Orb can be set to emit scented mist intermittently or continuously while the diffuser’s multicolored glow can be set to remain constant or select to cycle gradually through the rainbow.

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The Relaxation Aromatherapy Orb can be paired with your favorite tablet, smartphone or any other device wirelessly allowing the owner to play their favorite songs from their latest music library straight to the orb’s built-in speaker and best of all, it already comes with auto-off function so you don’t have to worry about turning off the device specially when it is already out of water.

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