Personal Cooling Collar – A Unique Back and Neck Cooling Device

Stay cool under the sun this summer with this unique cooling device called The Personal Cooling Collar. With cooling collar, you’ll feel calm and comfort every time you hit under the sun because its unique fan together with its unique cooling technology disperses cooling feeling across your back, neck and your head’s base.

The Cooling Collar features 2 changeable fan speeds capable of producing relaxing sound, an aluminum interior collar that carries out windy feeling right at the back and the side of your neck.

Personal Cooling Collar

Personal Cooling Collar

This collar is small enough and rests nicely and steadily against your neck assuring the wearer full comfort and stability whatever you’re doing.

Personal Cooling Collar works for 4 straight hours of cooling and is powered by 2 double-A batteries, it even comes with a refilling bottle for that continuous fresh feeling outside and under the sun.

-$39.95 at hammacher

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