The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome – A unique lamp that employs ancient remedy of halo-therapy to help treat respiratory ailments

You want to get rid of your respiratory ailments? Use the Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome [SOURCE], a uniquely designed lamp that employs the same ancient technique to help treat allergy and asthma simply by releasing salt particles that is charged with negative ions.

The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome

The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome

This salt therapy dome is also perfect in thinning mucus by flushing it out of the lungs, thanks to the charged salt particles, sufferers can now enjoy a worry free treatment with their respiratory ailments right at their very own home.

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The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome 1

This therapy dome is capable of producing crystallized Himalayan salt which contains of up to 80 important minerals including sulfate, calcium, magnesium, potassium and a lot more plus it is also capable of maintaining its efficacy for years.

The dome’s base is made with rosewood and already includes a 6 feet long cord so you can plug it easily into your AC outlet.

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