The Respiratory Soothing Steam Inhaler – Soothes Respiratory Discomforts in a matter of minutes

The Respiratory Soothing Steam InhalerYou want to relieve your respiratory disturbance quickly? Try the Respiratory Soothing Steam Inhaler, a uniquely designed inhaler capable of helping people with respiratory discomfort simply by inhaling a soothing hot steam in order to unlock breathing channels, lessening the banging of allergies, clogging and colds in the head.

With the Respiratory Soothing Steam Inhaler, treats respiratory discomforts in a matter of minute plus each treatment will simply lasts up to 9 minutes enough to cool down yourself. This Soothing Steam Inhaler is designed uniquely to insure the user is comfortable every time at any position and stature.

Respiratory Soothing Steam Inhaler comes with a comfortable to use nose, mouth and face mask ideal for some aroma therapy treatment and best of all, its removable 22oz. tank will allow the user to fill it with water using tap or distilled water.

-$49.95 at hammacher