The Antibacterial Cooling Face Mask – protects you against airborne germs and impurities while keeping your skin cool and dry

Not comfortable with your face mask? Use the Antibacterial Cooling Face Mask instead because it is designed to help protect you not just from airborne germs and viruses but at the same time keep your skin dry and cool every time.

Thanks to the face mask’s breathable fabric, now you don’t have to worry about heat and sweat even on extended wears because this face mask will help get rid of any trap moisture so users can enjoy comfortable and at the same time cool skin protection against viruses every time.

Antibacterial Cooling Face Mask

The Antibacterial Cooling Face Mask

This face mask even blocks UV rays while its included antimicrobial silver ions are designed to help wearers fight bacteria and odors, thanks to its removable 5-filtration stage filters, trapping pollutants, bacteria and other viruses will not be a problem anytime anywhere.

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Antibacterial Cooling Face Mask1

The Antibacterial Cooling Face Mask also features elastic ear loops so allow owners to easily create a comfortable and of course the best fit every time and best of all, it has a cooling properties that does not diminish even after hand washing them.

You can buy the face mask for only $19.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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