The Seated Easy Step Strider – provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout for the arms and legs

You want to workout your arms and legs at home? Use the Seated Easy Step Strider, a uniquely designed low-impact cardiovascular exercise device where owners can easily exercise their arms and legs without going somewhere.

This at-home exercise is very easy to use and can be mounted and dismounted easily, it even comes with a textured pedal partnered with different gripping positions, cushioned seat and padded handlebars so workout fanatics will even enjoy what they are doing and that is making their arms and legs always ready and exercised.

Seated Easy Step Strider

The Seated Easy Step Strider

The backrest of the strider even provides an ergonomic comfort so owners can easily move anywhere they want without any problem while its magnetic resistance and its included LCD display will allow the user to easily track their workout speed, distance, time and even the calories.

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Seated Easy Step Strider1

The Seated Easy Step Strider already comes with integrated wheels to let the owners position the strider anywhere they want like in front of their favorite TV or facing the window and best of all, it is made with a strong steel frame to support users up to 250lbs. Weighs only 71lbs.

You can buy the at-home exercise device for only $599.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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