The At Home Exercise Bike Workstation – Ideal for working at home while staying in-shape

You want to stay in perfect shape while at the same time working from home? You need the At Home Exercise Bike Workstation, a uniquely designed exercise bike not just capable of providing owners the workout bike they need but at the same time doubles as a perfect workstation because it already includes a work surface for a laptop.

This recumbent exercise bike can be used while joining remote meetings or use it while typing on your favorite laptop, thanks to its easy to configure bike setup, allowing the owner to set it as an exercise device or a stand-up desk for working at home will not be a problem.

Home Exercise Bike Workstation

The At Home Exercise Bike Workstation

Staying in-shape with this exercise bike is easy because it already comes with a magnetic resistance designed for avid bikers, it even includes an LCD display so owners can easily monitor their track metrics especially the time, speed, the calories burned and even the distance already traveled.

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Home Exercise Bike Workstation1

The At Home Exercise Bike Workstation already includes an easy to use strap designed to help the owner secure their favorite laptops, while its included cup holder and tablet holder will allow the owners to drink their favorite morning coffee or attached a tablet and best of all, it has a textured pedals, padded seat and backrest for full comfort every time.

You can buy the recumbent exercise bike for only $279.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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