Digital Head Eye Massager with Air Pressure Breo IDream 1260

Digital Head Eye Massager

Eye Massager? How about your head? Here’s a device that can do all the head and eye massaging designed to help prevent vision problem and to lessen stress so you can do all your work effectively and get a better sleep every time you use this device.

Introducing Digital Head Eye Massager with Air Pressure – The Breo IDream 1260, a handy massager designed to work on head and eyes to improve sleeping, provide a clearer vision, lessen life’s stress and keep your mind active every time.

If you are suffering from migraines, insomnia and can’t see clearly, then this safe to use and uniquely designed massager is here to help you relax without worrying about side effects.

Digital Head Eye Massager uses 4 kinds of vibration head massage, 4 states of air pressure eye massage all with integrated 3 dimensional magnetic field natural music for that comfortable and relaxing massaging every time.

This head and eye massager uses 4 double A batteries that is already included in the package. Go ahead and try it.

-$179.99 at amazon

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