The Aestheticians Facial Massager – the wireless vibration massage for face

The Aestheticians Facial Massager

The Aestheticians Facial Massager is designed uniquely for women who suffer tightening of facial muscle and skin tone problem simply because it helps them relax and improve easily the problematic area just by rubbing the professionally designed facial massager around.

And because the Aestheticians Facial Massager is wireless and is capable of giving a 2400 vibrations per minute, massaging delicate part of the face will not be a problem, thanks to its fingertip-like vibration pressures, releasing tensions starting from the forehead and down and around your mouth is now safe and easy.

This wireless facial massager is also great for increasing circulation perfect for softening and revitalizing the skin’s complexion.

The Aestheticians Facial Massager also features 2 bi-directional stroke massages which are great for stimulating and helping flush the face toxins in a more natural way.

This facial massager already includes a c-type battery which can work up to 36 hours straight of operation.

-$149.95 at hammacher

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