The Ideal Temperature Dry Eye Relief Mask – an electric heated mask designed to help relieve dry eyes effectively

Dry eyes? Use the Ideal Temperature Dry Eye Relief Mask, an electric heated mask designed by dry eye pros capable of maintaining an ideal temperature to help wearer’s relieve dry eye problem easily.

This relief mask for dry eyes is also perfect for anyone with MGD and blepharitis problem because as compared with other masks without temperature controls, this model is capable of warming up to a constant and recommended temperature recommended by most ophthalmologist to help release congealed oils so you don’t have to worry about building up and even clogging tear ducts.

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Dry Eye Relief Mask

The mask even comes with a special thermal fabric designed to help evenly disburse heat along the Meibomian glands, a perfect combination for treating dry eye problem.

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Dry Eye Relief Mask 1

The Ideal Temperature Dry Eye Relief Mask already comes with different temperature settings partnered with variable timers and automatic shutoff function for additional peace of mind and best of all, it can be used for 2 10min. treatments a day for getting the best results every time.

You can buy the dry eye relief mask for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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