The Cordless Eyestrain Reducing Reading Lamp – with dimmable brightness settings and pivoting top

Looking for a reading lamp with adjustable brightness, color and even temperature settings option in order to help you lessen eyestrain problem while reading? Get one of these cordless eyestrain reducing reading lamp, a uniquely designed cordless reading lamp where owners can easily direct the light and change settings to help you pinpoint te light where it is exactly needed the most.

Besides its tilting and temperature and color changing functionality, this unique reading lamp even includes different color spectrum partnered with up to 36 LEDs for easy balancing of color combination from soft warm glow to cool white illumination.

Cordless Eyestrain Reducing Reading Lamp

Cordless Eyestrain Reducing Reading Lamp

This reading lamp is perfect for people who always worry about straining their eyesight specially when reading at night, thanks to its articulated pivoting top that other table lamps can’t provide, now you can read anytime anywhere without worrying about eyestrains.

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Cordless Eyestrain Reducing Reading Lamp 1

This table lamp already comes with a weighted base to keep it in good balance every time and has a LED lights that are rated for 20k hours, and best of all, it only measures 1lb.

You can buy the cordless reading lamp for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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