The Wellness Monitor – Now you can monitor your exercise and sleep cycle easily

You want to monitor your exercise and sleep cycle? Now you can with The Wellness Monitor, a device designed to automatically keep track of your daily activities specifically your movements and sleep actions.

The Monitor is small yet packed with important features such as accelerometer for monitoring your movement’s intensity and duration plus it can even track how many steps and distance already taken and calculates how many calories are already burned.

The Wellness Monitor

The Wellness Monitor

Other important feature for this device is its built-in altimeter and unique sensor so you can also measure elevation easily. You want to track how long it took you to fall asleep? How about tracking how many hours you actually asleep? Now you can with the Wellness Monitor.

The Wellness Monitor 2

This wellness device can be paired with any of your favorite device and wirelessly upload important information or use its built-in digital screen display to see the readings right away.

The Wellness Monitor can perfectly operate for 7 straight days for just 1 and a half hour of charging via its included USB.

-$99.95 HERE or check here for the rest of the features.

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