The Hands Free Massager – delivers a soothing shiatsu massage anytime anywhere

You want to give yourself some hands free massage of shiatsu? Now you can with the Hands Free Massager, a uniquely designed massager capable of delivering a soothing shiatsu massage anywhere you want of course leaving your hands free from other important things to do.

Unlike ordinary portable massagers around, the Hands Free Massager allows you to enjoy relaxing massage simply by wrapping it directly to the aching part.

The Hands Free Massager

The Hands Free Massager

This massager uses a unique hook and loop fastener to fit nicely to your body parts plus it even comes with a dual kneading heads that rotates nicely in clockwise or the other way around to imitate a massaging finger pressure that can provide a relaxing and targeted pain relief.

The Hands Free Massager 2

Whether you want it on your shoulder, spine, arms or even your legs, you name it, this hands free massager is just design to be used for relaxing your tired and aching body any time anywhere.

This light, portable and easy to use massager has a soft cover so you won’t feel any uncomfortable while doing a massage.

The Hands Free Massager already comes with 2 straps and 2 different adapters so you can use it at home or while traveling.

$79.95 at hammacher

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