The Infrared Pain Relieving Wrap – relieves back pain using infrared therapy

Back pain reliever? Try The Infrared Pain Relieving Wrap, a flexible wrap with built in LEDs designed to relieve back pain using infrared therapy.

The Infrared Pain Relieving Wrap is perfect for stimulating blood circulation plus it can even relieve joint swelling, loose tight muscles and even lessen painful inflammation.

The Infrared Pain Relieving Wrap

The Infrared Pain Relieving Wrap

This hands-free pain relieving wrap is very easy to use, simply secure it on the affected area such as your back, knee, arm, leg and shoulder using its flexible strap and you’re good to go.

The infrared pain relieving wrap can perfectly penetrate deep into tissue for that long lasting relief of aching muscles and back pain. Includes 3 LED panels with 21 880nm infrared LEDs, an AC adapter and 12feet cord.

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