The Ergonomical Back Massager – targets hard to reach areas

Looking for a massage device that can easily locate the aching part of your back? Try the Ergonomical Back Massager, a light yet superior back massager designed to easily target hard to reach part of the back simply by positioning the curve arm around and controlling it with your hand to pinpoint aches and pains easily.

The Ergonomical Back Massager is perfect for easing tense neck, upper back muscles and shoulders using the massager’s unique ball head and together with the massager’s dual speed motor, enjoying light relaxing pressure or trying some deep penetrating massage is now possible. Simply position the tip of the massager to the problematic part, press the button located at the handle and you’re good to go.

The Ergonomical Back Massager

The Ergonomical Back Massager

The Massager’s dual speed motor can provide up to 5,500rpm oscillation and together with its 3 different massage heads such as (a.) point head where you can enjoy precise trigger point release, (b.)knuckle head for enjoying several knots easily in the same area and (c.) palm head which is designed to help advance perfect circulation.

The Ergonomical Back Massager can also be used on your aching feet, thanks to its durable design and construction, now you can massage away aches and pains especially on hard to reach areas of your body.

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