The Traveler’s Eye Massager – A portable and Wireless Eye Massager Designed for Traveling Geeks

Eye fatigue? Not anymore with the Traeler’s Eye Massager [SOURCE], a portable and wireless eye massager device designed to ease your eye fatigue problem with some relaxing and calming vibration simply by adding some soothing pressure under the problematic eyes in order to help ease headache.

The Traveler’s Eye Massager is designed for traveling geeks out there who wants to get rid of their headaches quickly, thanks to the eye massager’s sleek and wireless design, providing quick eye massage session to relax your tired eyes is now possible any time anywhere.

The Traveler's Eye Massager

The Traveler’s Eye Massager

This wireless eye massager is perfect for road and air trips because it is very compact and can be easily store inside your traveling bag or even at your very own pocket and best of all, the eye massager is very relaxing to use and contours gently to the owner’s face, thanks to the mask’s unique microfiber pad partnered with flexible headband, fitting it is very easy and comfortable anytime.

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The Traveler's Eye Massager 2

The Traveler’s Eye Massager already comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can easily provide up to 2 hrs use from a 3hr charging time using its included AC adapter.

The Traveler's Eye Massager 3

Read [HERE] for other important features.

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