The Tight Seal Filtering Hardshell Mask – provides a tighter seal and better fit than most cloth and disposable masks

The Tight Seal Filtering Hardshell Mask is the perfect replacement of your not effective face mask simply because this respirator, besides its durable plastic construction, it is also effective in providing better fit than most disposable face masks made with cloth.

This hardshell mask is unique because it can protect the user against airborne viruses, it even uses medical grade silicone seal designed to help the wearer to make sure that any air passes through its filter.

Tight Seal Filtering Hardshell Mask

The Tight Seal Filtering Hardshell Mask

This hardshell respirator is even equipped with a unique filtration system capable of trapping germs, pollutants and allergens as small as .1 micron with efficiency greater than 99.9 percent.

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Tight Seal Filtering Hardshell Mask1

The Tight Seal Filtering Hardshell Mask even features a uniquely designed exit valve system located at the mask’s bottom designed to help release exhaled breath properly so as to help prevent fogging especially to those who are wearing glasses and best of all, it can be hand washed, sanitized with your preferred disinfectant wipes. Already comes with 8 disposable filters and shell covers.

You can buy the hardshell mask for only $119.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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