The Doorway Adjustable Roller Massager – secures in a doorway, enabling you to target hard to reach spots

The Doorway Adjustable Roller Massager is unique because unlike ordinary roller massager out there where owners find hard time it targeting hard to reach areas to apply the needed massage pressure, this massage device is unique because it allows the owner to secure the massager in a doorway to get that perfect back massage every time.

This roller massager is very easy to use and can be secured to a doorway without using any bolts, nails or even screws, thanks to its included sturdy stainless steel bars capable of mounting to a door frame without any problem partnered with silicone rubber caps designed to help prevent marring.

Adjustable Roller Massager

The Doorway Adjustable Roller Massager

This adjustable massager is perfect for targeting hard to reach spots and to apply the needed pressure amount at your problematic neck, shoulders, back and even your legs, simply attach the roller massage to the perfect height at your doorways and start massaging.

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Adjustable Roller Massager1

This Roller Massager already includes ball roller sets, massage discs and a hot or cold therapy rollers where owners can easily heat it into their favorite microwave or even cooled it in a freezer to get that perfect hot or cold therapy any time. Weighs only 3 1/4lbs.

You can buy the adjustable roller massager for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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