The Powered N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask – with a built-in electric fan that draws in air, making it easier to breathe while wearing

The Powered N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask is unique as compared to ordinary N95 face masks out there simply because this model is equipped with an integrated electric fan to provide the owners the air they need while wearing the N95 mask.

This N95 graded filter face mask is unique because it can trap airborne particles like germs, allergens, dust and even smoke while at the same time providing the easiest to breathe because it draws in clean air, making it the best face mask to wear every time you walk or even while exercising.

N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask

The N95 face mask built-in electric fan already comes with 3 fan speed features and is capable of helping lower the temp around the nose and mouth and even lessen humidity for that comfortable and worry free working, walking and even exercising every time.

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N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask1

The Powered N95 Filtered Air Circulation Mask has a built-in fan capable of providing up to 8hrs of drawing in clean air when fully charged using its included USB charging cable and best of all, it already comes with 2 N95 filters, charging cable and washable fabric cover.

You can buy the N95 grade filter face mask for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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