The Powered Sinus Decongester – the world’s only nasal irrigation system that uses gentle powered suction to relieve sinus

The Powered Sinus Decongester is unique when it comes to relieving sinus congestion simply
because it uses gentle powered suction to effectively get rid of any nasal congestion all without
taking any medication.

This nasal irrigation system is equipped with battery powered motor capable of pulling saline
rinse right from its upper tank straight thru one nostril then go out the other and after that, it
collects religiously in the bottom tank, just perfect for flushing away sinus clogging mucous,
pollen and even dust instantly clearing the owner’s nasal passages.

Powered Sinus Decongester

The Powered Sinus Decongester

This sinus decongester is also perfect for lessening snoring that unlike other nasal treatments
cannot handle, thanks to this uniquely designed irrigator, creating a closed system and
employing convenient, clean saline concentrate capsules and even using it anytime anywhere is
now possible, every time.

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Powered Sinus Decongester1

The Powered Sinus Decongester already includes a set of nose pillows, 48 salt capsules and
best of all, its included 2 double-a batteries can provide up to several months of power even
when using the device for twice a day. Weighs only 3lbs.

You can buy the nasal irrigation system for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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