The Strain Relieving Eye Massager – A massage mask that soothes tired eyes effectively

You want to relax your tired eyes after that very tiring work? Here’s an effective device called the Strain Relieving Eye Massager [SOURCE] designed to soothe tired eyes simply by massaging it with a gentle vibration partnered with a nice warmth mists so you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing eyes back again in no time.

The Strain Relieving Eye Massager

The Strain Relieving Eye Massager

The Strain Relieving Eye Massager is a uniquely designed massage mask packed with 2oz. water tank that which then be converted into a relaxingly mist to hydrate and nourish eyes in order to reduce strain around the eyes.

The Strain Relieving Eye Massager 1

This eye massager mask also uses pulse massage with 2 different intensity settings just perfect to ease eye tiredness while the mask’s soothing heat simply targets orbital area and temples to improve circulation.

Need to use heat massage only? Sure, because this eye massager has an individual setting so you can select only your desired eye relaxation, just select it to its included remote control, press the button and you’re good to go. Just don’t forget to include 3 double-a batteries though to start your eye relaxation time.

Read the rest of the features [HERE].

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