The Sleep Enhancing Neck Pillow – A reversible pillow with cushioned neck support and circulation-improving fabric

The Sleep Enhancing Neck Pillow —[VIDEO]— is perfect when it comes to providing better night rest and comfort because it is equipped with ventilated memory foam partnered with unique cover interwoven with celliant strands capable of converting body heat into therapeutic light to help sleepers find a better and more comfortable night sleep.

This double-sided pillow also features a cushioned neck support and a circulation improving fabric strategically located on both sides so owners can enjoy uniquely quilted top and at the same time hypoallergenic polyester alternative.

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The Sleep Enhancing Neck Pillow

The Sleep Enhancing Neck Pillow

This reversible pillow even comes with a loft that can be adjusted so owners can easily find the perfect and comfortable sleeping profile simply by removing or adding the included inserts.

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The Sleep Enhancing Neck Pillow 1

The Sleep Enhancing Neck Pillow has a cover that is washable by machines and can be treated with antimicrobial chloride to stop allergens, odors and even dust mites from promoting better night rest every time and best of all, it only measures 28x18x5 inches in width, length and diameter respectively and only weighs 4lbs.

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