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The Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad – Provides Soothing Cooling To Help Your Drift Peacefully To Sleep

The Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad is a unique sleeping pad capable of providing a comforting cooling so you can drift peacefully to sleep without any problem.

This Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad is perfect for hot sleepers because the cooling pad’s exceptional gel can almost straight away lessen the temperature below absorbing extra heat continuously for about 45 minutes to cool down the body without needing power, it simply cools down while keeping your body in full firm support.

The Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad

The Sleep Pad uses a patented gel-filled technique so even your body changes position during sleep, the gel still distribute the cooling system evenly.

This Pad also features an easy to clean pad cover, simply wipe it with clean damp cloth and you’re good to go again.

-$199.95 at hammacher