The Side Sleeper’s Adjustable Pillow – Enjoy comfortable and more relaxed night sleep

You want to have a more comfortable, more relaxed night sleep? Now you can with the Side Sleeper’s Adjustable Pillow [SOURCE] designed specifically for side sleepers out there who wants to properly align their head and spine in order to get a better night sleep.

The Side Sleeper's Adjustable Pillow

The Side Sleeper’s Adjustable Pillow

This Side Sleeper Adjustable Pillow is uniquely designed so it can adjust properly to different heights plus using its u shaped curved, side sleepers can easily support its shoulder to prevent muscle stiffness.

The Side Sleeper’s Adjustable Pillow comes with 3 removable soft memory foams that can perfectly follow that shape of the owners head and neck good for eliminating pressure points while its removable and machine washable pillowcase is just perfect for maintaining the freshness of the pillow. Grab one now and start sleeping comfortably.

-$79.95 at hammacher

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