The Safer Fitness Trampoline – provides an extra measure of security for those seeking an effective low-impact workout

The Safer Fitness Trampoline is your perfect workout trampoline especially if you are looking for providing yourself with some additional security measure yet effective enough for that low impact exercise at home any time.

This exercise trampoline is unique because besides its extra security measure like round surface for safe rebounding, it also comes with an integrated 3-sided handlebar in order to provide the user with the stability it needs while exercising.

Safer Fitness Trampoline

The Safer Fitness Trampoline

This fitness trampoline is unique because it provides users with a wider surface designed to widen the user’s stance while at the same time helping improve their balance every time, it even helps exercisers to jog or jump in place, perfect for burning out those calories without worrying about hurting their feet, knees and even their ankles.

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Safer Fitness Trampoline1

This Fitness Trampoline uses resistance bands that are soft and elastic partnered with electronic LCD monitor so owners can easily keep track of their exercise time and even the number of calories already burned and best of all, it already comes with an exercise DVD so you can start right away with your workout at home. Weighs only 26lbs.

You can buy the exercise trampoline for only $299.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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