The Low Impact Fitness Trampoline – now you can burn calories, tone and strengthen muscles at home

You want to burn calories, tone and strengthen your muscles without going somewhere? Now you can with This unique Fitness Trampoline [SOURCE], a low impact trampoline that allows you to jog or jump in place to get rid of your calories and at the same time improving your muscles in the chest, shoulders, back and arms just like a having a full body exercise when you energetically walk on streets or doing some aerobic workout at your favorite gym.

The Low Impact Fitness Trampoline has a nice working surface wide enough to improve one’s posture and balance while its included dual flexible resistance bands and padded handle bars allows you to workout effectively at home.

The Low Impact Fitness Trampoline

The Low Impact Fitness Trampoline

This fitness trampoline comes with electronic LCD display strategically located at the handlebar so you can see your overall workout score such as total jumps and calories burned.

This fitness trampoline can be installed on an indoor or outdoor position because its footprint is just less than 10 feet square with rebounding surface of only 9 feet high.

Built using a sturdy steel frame and only measures at 48×33.5×45 inches in height, width and diameter and can support exerciser of up to 250lbs.

Read what others are saying about this low impact fitness trampoline [HERE] or check the [PRODUCT PAGE] for other important information.

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