The Triple Therapy Lumbar Pain Reliever – The hands-free lower back pain relieving device

Lower back pain? Not anymore with the Triple Therapy Lumbar Pain Reliever, a hands-free lower back pain reliever that uses both LED light with vibration treatment partnered with compression massage to relax aching pain and stiffness minus wires and hands.

The Triple Therapy Lumbar Pain Reliever uses different massage nodes where each of the node are bordered with unique red LED lights so massaging back pain of your spine and taking away the tension will not be a problem. Thanks to the LEDs safe infrared light that enters deep down into tissue to soothe pain, boost circulation and of course speed the healing process without you touching anything, just wrap the belt around, turn the device on and use the remote control and you’re good to go.

The Triple Therapy Lumbar Pain Reliever

The Triple Therapy Lumbar Pain Reliever

This triple therapy lumbar pain reliever allows user to select up to 5 different treatment modes and duration from the included wireless remote control plus user can even adjust the current settings in the middle of the session without getting rid of the device.

The Triple Therapy Lumbar Pain Reliever 2

Ideal for user’s with waists of up to 49 inches and secures comfortly around using hook and loop fasteners. This lumbar pain reliever measures 8.5×6.34×2 inches in length, width and diameter and weighs only 2lbs.

Check customer review [HERE] or visit the [PRODUCT PAGE] for other information.

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