The Reader’s Headboard Wedge Pillow – helps you maintain a healthy, natural posture when reading, watching tv, or using a tablet in bed

The Reader’s Headboard Wedge Pillow is your answer if you are looking for a wedge pillow that can help you in maintaining your perfect posture naturally especially when you are reading and even watching TVs or just simply use your favorite tablet in bed.

Thanks to this uniquely upholstered wedge pillow, providing users with unique support for their spine while at the same time providing the gentlest incline in order to support the torso upright comfortably is now possible any time.

Headboard Wedge Pillow

This upholstered wedge pillow is designed to help get rid of any pain and tension at the user’s back, neck and even on shoulders, it even comes with a pocket at the side for keeping smartphones, remotes and other essentials just within reach.

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Headboard Wedge Pillow1

The Reader’s Headboard Wedge Pillow also allows the owner to place the pillow under their knees to help them get that perfect circulation and even promote that good night sleep at bedtime and best of all, it already includes a cover where owners can wash any time.

You can buy the upholstered wedge pillow for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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