The Portable Gel Seat – A compact gel-filled cushion designed to help prevent back strain

The Portable Gel Seat [SOURCE] is designed to help prevent back strain and even help lessen blood vessel and capillary constriction specially for people sitting long periods while at work, watching sporting events or even driving long distance.

The Portable Gel Seat

The Portable Gel Seat

Thanks to the gel seat’s soft, impressible gel supportive foam-filled pads capable of dispersing the weight across the seat cushion, providing and relieving pressure acquired specially during long sitting position.

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For extra comfort, the portable gel seat’s center groove also gets rid of contact pressure on the owner’s tailbone and soft tissue while the cushion’s surface slopes forward for 5 degrees to promote good pelvic posture and correct lumbar curvature every time.

This Portable Gel Seat even comes with 16 small vented openings to give enough ventilation and only measures at 1x16x13.5 inches in height, width and diameter. Weighs 2.5lbs.

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