The Heated Lumbar Bolster – delivers soothing warmth and support to the lower back

The Heated Lumbar Bolster [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to providing perfect support to the owner’s lower back but at the same time perfect when it comes to delivering a soothing warmth.

Thanks to the bolster’s unique design, tucking the heated bolster specially between the sensitive lumbar area and at the back of your favorite couch, car seat and even your favorite desk chair is now possible.

The Heated Lumbar Bolster

The Heated Lumbar Bolster

The lumbar bolster’s cylindrical design will support the owner’s spine and muscles just enough to encourage proper posture, promote good blood flow and of course ease away tension.

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The Heated Lumbar Bolster 1

The Heated Lumbar Bolster even comes with a heated cover made from comfy polyester material which can also be unsnapped just encase the user wants to drape it flat across the its shoulders and legs and even to other aching spots and best of all, it is very easy to use while driving, working and even using it at home.

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