The USB Travel Shaver – A compact electric shaver that recharges via USB for convenient use while traveling

The USB Travel Shaver [SOURCE] is perfect if you want to have a portable electric shaver that can be used anytime anywhere, thanks to the shaver’s rechargeable function via USB, now you can conveniently shave and go every time.

The USB Travel Shaver

The USB Travel Shaver

This compact electric shaver is smaller than a smart phone and slips easily right on your favorite briefcase for that easy shave and go scenario and because it uses retractable USB connector that act as its battery juicer so you don’t have to worry about bringing cables or even extra chargers every time you travel.

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The USB Travel Shaver is very fast and uses sharp blades while the foil razor on the other hand is capable of delivering comfortable shaving of course without worrying about how to clean the shaver after using, simply slip it off and you’re good to go.

This electric shaver can provide up to 30 minutes of use with just a matter of 4 hrs. of charging.

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