The Hot Cold Therapy Lumbar Support – uses warm and cold therapeutic relief to ease lower back pain

The Hot Cold Therapy Lumbar Support [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed cushion perfect for people with lower back pain problem simply because this lumbar support cushion uses unique therapeutic relief in order to get rid of back pain easily.

The Hot Cold Therapy Lumbar Support

The Hot Cold Therapy Lumbar Support

This lumbar support uses hot or cold therapeutic features partnered with highly resilient foam cushion in order to provide perfect spine alignment perfect for reducing stress and strain on the owner’s back.

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The Hot Cold Therapy Lumbar Support 1

This therapy lumbar support already includes an integrated sleeve design to hold the reusable gel pack, simply select your desired hot or cold therapy session and you’re good to go.

The reusable gel pack can be warmed using your favorite microwave or cooled it in the freezer and you’re on your way to reducing the pain and inflammation while enjoying a perfect support all day long.

Unlike ordinary foams that flattens over time, the Hot Cold Therapy Lumbar Support has an elastic strap design to secure the cushion whatever position he may prefer and best of all, it does not slip every time the user sits down.

Perfect for treatment while sitting and doing office works, in your car while driving home or just plainly sitting on your favorite couch doing some useful stuff.

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