The Cooling Therapeutic Cushion – lessens pressure on the coccyx to help relieve tailbone pain

You want to relieve your tailbone pain problem? Use the Cooling Therapeutic Cushion [SOURCE], a unique cooling seat cushion design to lessen the pressure on the owner’s coccyx helping them get rid of their tailbone pain.

The Cooling Therapeutic Cushion

Cooling Therapeutic Cushion

The Cooling Therapeutic Cushion works simply by incorporating a unique cutout to elevate coccyx in order to prevent contact to the bone.

Thanks also to the cushion’s detachable icy gel capable of providing soothing comfort to painful hemorrhoids,testicular pain and even to perineal wounds and lower back pain.

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The Cooling Therapeutic Cushion 1

This therapeutic cushion distributes weight uniquely throughout the owner’s posterior while providing the owner’s body slightly forward to get rid of the ache caused mainly by sitting for long period of time.

This cushion is constructed using soft cotton and polyester cover while its donut-shaped design includes a tapered edge design to lessen the pressure under the owner’s thighs and legs.

This cooling seat cushion fits nicely and can be used almost anywhere, underneath a desks, your car’s steering wheels, tables and more plus it even includes a carry handle so you can bring it anywhere you go.

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