The Personalized Meditation Guide – plays guided bedtime meditations to help you fall asleep and stay asleep

The Personalized Meditation Guide (available here) is like having your own personal meditation expert guiding you on how to relax in order to help you fall asleep all throughout the night without any problem.

Thanks to this unique non-digital device created and designed in France, playing guided bedtime meditations headed by relaxation and meditation experts in the field of meditation can now be done at home while you lay down.

The Personalized Meditation Guide

The Personalized Meditation Guide

This meditation guide is already equipped with over 200 easy to select guides that can be easily accessed right on the curved face, owners can even select male or female voice complete with 8 different soothing themes designed to help encourage deep breathing and more.

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Personalized Meditation Guide1

The Personalized Meditation Guide is perfect for anyone with sleep issues and is very effective because it has already been proven to lessen the stress and anxiety caused mainly by insomnia problems and best of all, it already comes with a built-in speaker and a detachable beechwood cover.

You can buy the meditation guide for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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