The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill – A motorless treadmill that folds to only 14 inches deep for unobtrusive storage

Looking for a perfect replacement for your bulky and not so effective treadmill? Use the Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill, a motorless treadmill uniquely designed to provide the owners the perfect walking environment without worrying about balance.

This motorless treadmill is unique because it uses magnetic force perfect for eliminating those bulky cords just to plug the device to the AC power in order to work, perfect for anyone who wants to set up the treadmill anywhere they want at any given time.

Foldaway Treadmill

The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill

This treadmill is equipped with a sturdy steel frame complete with handrails that are properly padded to help walkers maintain their balance without any problem, it even comes with a textured and non slip track and a battery powered display so owners can easily keep track of their heart rate, calories burnt and even the time, speed and distance already taken.

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Foldaway Treadmill1

The Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill also features a built-in wheel so owners can easily relocate the device anywhere they want and best of all, it is already equipped with up to 8 resistance levels and only measures 47x26x14 inches in height, width and diameter when folded.

You can buy the walker’s motorless treadmill for only $279.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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