The Award Winning Meditative Sleep Mask – the rechargeable sleep mask with light-blocking technology to ease you into deep relaxation or sleep

The Award Winning Meditative Sleep Mask (currently taking orders here) is unique because it is equipped with light blocking features partnered with soothing sound and ambient orange lights to help owners relax or sleep easily.

This sleep mask is rechargeable and is capable of drawing three dimensional face mapping using perfect and precise data while its perfect fit design is just perfect for eliminating light leakage so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable eye pressure every time.

Award Winning Meditative Sleep Mask

The Award Winning Meditative Sleep Mask

This award winning sleep mask uses a relaxing combination of warm orange lights, different music for meditation and far infrared warmth to help get rid of any stress owners are having just perfect for promoting that healthy sleep anytime.

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Award Winning Meditative Sleep Mask1

This Meditative Sleep Mask even comes with a unique napping mode designed to help users restore alertness, boost productivity and even improve one’s focus in just a matter of minutes and best of all, it also allows the owner to stream their favorite music or audiobooks from their favorite smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity. Full charge can provide up to 10hrs of battery life.

You can buy the rechargeable sleep mask for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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