The Pain Relieving Foot Tent – protects your feet from the uncomfortable pressure of sheets or blankets

Can’t sleep tight because your blanket puts uncomfortable pressure on your feet? Use the Pain Relieving Foot Tent —[SOURCE]—, now you can lessen foot pain from your plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, edema and other foot problem simply by protecting your feet from uncomfortable pressure caused by your favorite sheets or blankets.

This uniquely designed sleep aid is perfect when it comes to helping protect your feet from any pressure because it has a base that keeps the feet at a right angle, it even comes with a side wall to make sure your feet will remain upright and in perfect position.

The Pain Relieving Foot Tent

The Pain Relieving Foot Tent

Unlike ordinary night splints out there that is uncomfortable to use, this foot tent is designed to help the sleepers find the perfect foot position and support of course with enough air flow for that comfortable night sleep you’ve been looking for every time.

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The Pain Relieving Foot Tent 1

The Pain Relieving Foot Tent is made from a uniquely designed and medical grade foam that can be easily cleaned with water and soap, perfect if you want to maintain its cleanliness every time you hit your bed for some good night sleep.

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