The Slip On LED Foot Pain Reliever – Help improve circulation, relax muscles and relieve pain

The Slip On LED Foot Pain Reliever —[SOURCE]— uses medical grade LEDs in order to help the owner relax their problematic muscles, improve circulation and even relieve pain.

Thanks to the slipper’s 30 LEDs capable of emitting deep red and infrared light waves that religiously penetrate straight into the tissue in order to lessen pain common specially for those who have arthritis, tendonitis, neuroma and even plantar fasciitis.

The Slip On LED Foot Pain Reliever

The Slip On LED Foot Pain Reliever

These foot pain relieving slippers can used daily for up to 14-25 minutes of treatment and has different sizes from medium to large perfect for men and women who are suffering from different foot problem.

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The Slip On LED Foot Pain Reliever 1

The Slip On LED Foot Pain Reliever can be plug into AC outlet and only weighs just like those ordinary slip on out there.

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