The Gentle But Firm Back Stretcher – Helps relieve lower and mid back pain and stiffness

The Gentle But Firm Back Stretcher —[SOURCE]— is designed to help relieve stiffness as well as lower and mid back pain, thanks to the stretcher’s gentle yet firm traction, relieving back pain problem at home is now possible any time.

This back stretcher works simply by leaning forward right into its fabric hammock in kneeling setup, the stretcher uses the user’s body weight in order to create steady and strong traction perfect for relieving pressure on the user’s spine and also helps loosen tense back muscles.

The Gentle But Firm Back Stretcher

The Gentle But Firm Back Stretcher

This gentle back stretcher has a side shoulder pads designed to keep the user’s spine, hips, and shoulders aligned properly while its adjustable waistband will allow the owner to easily modify the device’s range of motion.

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The Gentle But Firm Back Stretcher 1

The Gentle But Firm Back Stretcher is perfect for reducing patient’s with back pain and stiffness problem while at the same time help the user improve their quality of life and mobility in just as little as 3 weeks of continuous use. The apparatus tubular steel frame can support user up to 350lbs. and already includes hip and chest pads.

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