The Muscle Isolating Push Up Trainer – now you can precisely target specific muscles by simply switching the position of its hand grips

The Muscle Isolating Push Up Trainer (available here) is unique when it comes to exercising specific muscle parts simply because this push up trainer allows the owner to precisely target them just by switching hand grip positions.

This push up board allows the user to perform push ups from up to 9 different push up angles perfect for isolating muscles in the user’s chest, triceps, back and even the shoulders perfect for building that strength you’ve been longing for or even for burning those calories at home.

Muscle Isolating Push Up Trainer

The Muscle Isolating Push Up Trainer

Unlike ordinary exercise machines out there that use barbells, this push up board uses resistance provided by the user’s own body weight instead of barbells and because it is made with sturdy ABS material partnered with slip resistant handles, working out those body muscles at home will not be a problem.

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Muscle Isolating Push Up Trainer1

The Muscle Isolating Push Up Trainer already comes with 2 resistance bands and best of all, because this board is very light and can be folded easily, traveling anywhere together with the push up trainer and enjoying full body exercises anywhere will not be a problem. Weighs only 1 3/4lbs and only measures 36×18.5×2 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy the push up board for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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