The NASA Compact Resistance Trainer – employs resistance training to provide a full body workout

The NASA Compact Resistance Trainer is capable of providing workout enthusiasts the perfect at-home full body workout without worrying about space to exercise on and additional space to store bulky workout weights.

Thanks to this compact workout trainer powered by NASA’s technology to provide astronauts the full body workout they needed even while they’re up there doing space missions.

NASA Compact Resistance Trainer

The NASA Compact Resistance Trainer

This compact exercise device is capable of providing owners the safest and most effective exercise yet gentle on the user’s joints because it employs resistance training and is low-impact.

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NASA Compact Resistance Trainer1

This Compact Resistance Trainer works simply by pushing and pulling to come up with full range motion, it can be used to easily target different muscle groups like abs, arms and even the legs and best of all, it is made from sturdy polymer and nylon coated steel cables which can provide up to 25lbs of resistance. Comes with 2pcs of 10lbs and 1pc of 5lbs resistance disks.

You can buy the compact resistance trainer for only $124.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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