The Chemical Free Insect Bite Reliever – provides symptomatic relief from insect bites and stings without the use of drugs or chemicals

The Chemical Free Insect Bite Reliever (available here) is your perfect answer if you want to have a quick relief from stings and bites of bees and other insects including mosquitoes roaming around your home.

Thanks to this uniquely designed device capable of providing symptomatic relief of course without using any drugs or even those not so safe chemicals because this device works simply by applying concentrated heat right thru the device ceramic tip.

Chemical Free Insect Bite Reliever

Once heat is applied to the affected area, lessening the swelling and itching and even reducing the appearance of welts from insect bites can now be enjoyed anytime anywhere.

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Chemical Free Insect Bite Reliever1

The Chemical Free Insect Bite Reliever is just about the size of a pen yet very effective when it comes to providing symptomatic relief and best of all, it can be used immediately anytime anywhere when needed. Measures only 6.5 inches in length and only weighs 4oz.

You can buy the insect bite reliever for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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