The Moisturizing Heated Booties – Help alleviate dry skin using heat

You want to get rid of your dry skin problem? Use the Moisturizing Heated Booties —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed booties capable of helping the wearer alleviate dry skin simply by using heat in order to allow an effective absorption of moisturizing lotion.

These booties are very effective and are easy to use, just apply your favorite moisturizer to the problematic part like your sole, toes or even your heels and just slip on the best and most comfortable booties and start witnessing its magic.

The Moisturizing Heated Booties

The Moisturizing Heated Booties

These heated booties are designed to help your preferred moisturizer to easily penetrate straight into the skin, thanks to its uniquely crafted from a soft polyester, removing dry skin and getting back your perfect toes, heels and soles are now possible at home.

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The Moisturizing Heated Booties 1

The Moisturizing Heated Booties only weighs 2lbs and fits nicely to women with dry skin problem and best of all, it already comes with an AC charger partnered with 7 feet cord.

Read the rest of the features HERE.

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