The In Home Spin Class Bike – spin bike that provides the same intensity as an indoor cycling class at a fitness center

Tired of using your spin bike because it cannot provide the perfect intensity just like those of cycling classes you’ve been longing for? Try the In Home Spin Class Bike —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed spin bike capable of providing the best intensity just like your favorite indoor cycling class at your nearest fitness center.

This spin bike has access to on-demand classes or live-streamed fitness class so you’ll have the best and certified spin instructor with you every time you step into the bike leading you all throughout your workout.

The In Home Spin Class Bike 1

The In Home Spin Class Bike

This bike’s rider can be easily identified, thanks to its included screen display where your initials in your subscription-based apps that runs on your favorite device like tablet or smartphone mounted right between the handlebar, it even allows the user to easily cancel their subscription anytime.

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The In Home Spin Class Bike

The In Home Spin Class Bike already comes with easy to follow pre-recorded workouts so even if you can’t make to a live class, you still have access and best of all, it already includes some unique scenic ride simulations such as your favorite coasts, countrysides and a lot more. Weighs only 104lbs and only measures 43.1/4 x11.1/4×35.1/4 inches in length, width and height.

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