The Lady’s Sleep Enhancing Pajama Top – Helps promote better night sleep and is clinically proven to increase blood flow

The Lady’s Sleep Enhancing Pajama Top [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to promoting good night sleep but at the same time better than other pajamas out there because it uses a clinically proven technology designed to increase blood flow.

This sleep enhancing pajama top is equipped with unique soft tencel fibers partnered with strands of celliant, a unique technology that easily converts body heat into a more relaxing and therapeutic infrared light simply by reabsorbing it back to the user’s skin.

Lady's Sleep Enhancing Pajama Top

The Lady’s Sleep Enhancing Pajama Top

This pamaja shirt is also capable of generating safe and invisible infrared energy perfect in regulating the wearer’s body temperature just enough to counteract the effect of inflammation, chronic aches and even night sweats so you don’t have to worry about how to get a good night sleep every time.

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The Lady’s Sleep Enhancing Pajama Top is machine washable and the celliant will not diminish or wash out. Weighs 12oz and comes with different sizes from small, medium to large.

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