Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer – enhances sound amplification so you can hear clearly even within different environments

Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer [SOURCE] is perfect for people with hearing problem because it is designed to enhance the sound by amplifying according to your personal hearing profile perfect if you are traveling or within different environments.

As compared to lesser models that only increases volume in order to clearly hear the sound, this hearing enhancer is unique because it connects to the owner’s favorite smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity for up to 30 feet away.

Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer

Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer

This hearing enhancer device assesses the user’s auditory capability using the included iOS or Android application and adjusts the bass, treble or even the mid output exactly to the user’s hearing profile plus it even adjust when a user enters a distinct sound environment and automatically address the hearing challenges.

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Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer is perfect if you want clear sound specially when you are inside a restaurant, driving, watching TV or even at the subway and best of all, it offers a maximum output of up to 108dB. User’s can adjust the volume manually and already includes a 3 canal coverings, carrying case and a cleaning brush.

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