The Jade Stone Heating Pad – soothes aching muscles and boost circulation using far-infrared rays emanating from heated jade stones

The Jade Stone Heating Pad [SOURCE] is designed to help owners soothe their aching muscle problem and to boost circulation, thanks to its effective far-infrared rays that came from the heated jade stones, relieving aching muscle pain is now effective than ever.

Unlike traditional heating pads out there, this model is very effective in penetrating deep into the skin surface, thanks to jade’s superior conductor of far-infrared rays, relieving pain using invisible energy is now safer and more effective.

The Jade Stone Heating Pad

The Jade Stone Heating Pad

This pain relieving heating pad is designed to help reach the source of a sore shoulder or even a stiff back enough to help get rid of the pain in a more natural and effective way of course without taking any medication.

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The Jade Stone Heating Pad 1

The Jade Stone Heating Pad has up to 60 smooth stones that can be heated easily using its included tethered controller while its 6 different settings allow the owner to easily select the best treatment possible and best of all, it produces long lasting treatment effect.

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